Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation (SL-FP) -
A strong voice for our landscapes
  We are...

  Form The SL is a private non-profit organization founded by 5 other institutions as Pro Natura, Swiss Heritage Society (Schweizer Heimatschutz), Swiss Association for Spacial Planning (VLP-ASPAN), Swiss Tourism Federation (STV) and Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) in 1970 and is the main voice for landscape conservation and planning in Switzerland. Everone who is interested in landscape topics is welcome in our member association (Gönnerverein).

  The SL is operating within a broad network with interested people, experts, scientists, local, cantonal and federal administrations as well as with other non-profit organizations and institutions. The executive board is consisted of 7 co-workers, headquartered in Berne.

  We do...

  Landscape projects and actions
  The SL is highly committed to concrete projects. Together with local activists it applies its energies to the recognition and appreciation of landscapes as identity factor. Beyond that it helps create harmony between building projects and the landscape. The largest project areas of the SL are the Baltschieder Valley (VS), the Val Müstair (GR) and the Val Bavona (TI). Projects are concentrated in landscape actions concerning traditional water channels, terraced landscapes, alley trees landscapes, landscape & health and chestnut forest landscapes.

  Conservation Politics
  As an advocate of landscapes the SL does not avert its eyes and demands, amongst other things, the reduction of the high rate of land use, improvements in the implementation of environmental and planning regulation. The SL is the main founder of the national landscape initiative submitted in 2008. It proposes concrete legislative action at the level of parliament. If necessary it raises objections against a project, thus giving a voice to landscapes.

  Scientific studies
  The SL is one of the most requested institution in landscape sciences on a conceptual and applied level. Lectureships, publication and consulting activities are important parts of the educational work. Recent studies in cooperation with universities on a national and international level regard institutional regimes for landscapes, property and politics of landscape, landscape aesthetics, landscape and health. landscape assessment, water irrigation problems of semi arid mountain regions and others.

  The SL The SL provides consultation services in projects, political processes and upon specific requests. Through public opinion work and lobbying efforts it raises awareness for landscape issues and sets a model for implementing them in projects. The SL organizes one or two conferences about actual landscape questions and publishes each year an extensive report about its projects and achievements as well as studies of its scientific work.

  And the money?
  The SL has a yearly turnover of about 1 million Swiss Francs. 50 % of this amount comes from donations and membership fees, the other 50% comes from project-bound contributions.